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Advantages of Terrestrial laser Scanning

  • Faster results
  • Better quality results
  • Less ambiguity - more complete
  • Higher level-of-detail
  • Safer data capture
  • Unobtrusive data capture
  • Point clouds can be conveniently used & reviewed by others for more efficient management of projects
CLICK ON THE PICTURE. Terrestrial laser scan (point cloud coloured by RGB values- left hand side and right hand side,  viewed  in  AutoCAD  for  generation  of  linework) 

Terrestrial laser scanning, sometimes called High Definition Surveying provides a scan comprising of thousands of points which are collected in a matter of minutes. This point cloud can be used to create detailed elevations, plans or sections. 3D models and fly throughs can also be produced. As a non-contact or 'remote' instrument, site access may only be required once and it may be possible to avoid hazardous areas.

There are many applications for terrestrial laser scanning, the above images show a scanned building facade. On the right is the point cloud viewed in AutoCad for production of conventional linework drawings.

Accuratemaps Survey owns a Leica Scanstation 2, and have successfully completed a number of laser scanning projects including laser scanning Lyme Regis beach for shingle/sand recharge volumetric survey and sea defences. We have also completed laser scanning projects for National Grid.


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