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land survey company working worldwideWe have surveying experience of the following projects :-
Punjab (India)
-Flood mapping, river cross sections.
-Topographical survey of 126 villages of Punjab (India) on 1:1000 scale with vertical interval of 1 meter for water supply and sewerage treatment plants.
Highways Agency
Numerous topographic surveys for detailed design - Motorway widening, new junctions, bypasses
County Councils
City centre / urban renewal, highways, tree survey, asset data collection for GIS
District Councils
Urban development, coastal monitoring, highways
Airport Authority
Airport surveys - taxiways, new buildings, development sites, dock survey
Consulting engineers
Topographical surveys for development work, highways, tunnels, bridges, pipelines, powerlines, ports, harbours - all aspects of the natural and built environment
Construction companies
Setting out, stake out,volumes and primary survey control for major and minor projects - housing, highways, rail, airports, tunnels and shafts. Volumes and as-built records. Transformations and real time GPS installation for 'machine control' and 'machine guidance' projects
Land owners / solicitors and private individuals
Development sites, land registry plans, boundary dispute surveys
Mines and Quarry operators
Statutary tip surveys, volumes of in-situ reserve, stockpiles or void space for fill and waste disposal sites, plans for planning applications - expert witness work
Insurance companies
Flood risk surveys, damage survey and subsidence monitoring
Development sites, from inner city developments to simple house extensions. Dimensional building surveys, elevations and floor plans by conventional and terrestrial laser scanning methods


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