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We provide photographs and survey station location diagrams for easy re-location of surveyed points.



Image above shows flow direction over surface. The colours relate to flow directions as shown in the image on the left.


Screenshot above shows Arcmap GIS project. Points in the project have multiple attributes (pop up box on right of image). Complex spatial queries can be carried out.

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Asset Surveys

For a recent project, we have mapped features such as buildings and facilities near to pipelines and produced a GIS package to facilitate risk analysis. For pipeline operators.

GPS control survey for Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) in pipeline detection tool.

We specialise in the provision of GPS and survey support for pipeline mapping projects worldwide. Using GPS, we measure traps, welds and control points along the pipeline in order to correct the IMU drift. This correction is done through in house software. This method will minimise dig time and costs when locating the defects and anomalies.

LiDAR Surveys (Aerial LiDAR)

Prior to (or after) construction of a pipeline, a LiDAR survey allows for the identification of off-line concerns such as rivers, streams, ditches and buildings and provides an accurate portrayal of ground conditions along the pipeline.

Why use LiDAR data?
When modelling overland flows, it is important to obtain the best available, highest resolution data possible. The standard for Digital Elevation Models (DEM's) in the US is the National Elevation Dataset (NED) that provides a consistent product for the entire U.S at a 30m (or in some areas 10m) grid cell resolution.

Using a LiDAR survey, combined with the aerial photography will provide a DEM with a grid spacing of 0.5-1m if required. Using the NED data set, micro terrain features that may channel the oil flow into a narrow width even on a steep slope may be missed. This may even indicate that oil flow would infringe upon a High Consequence Area (HCA) when in fact it would be channelled away.

The aerial photography combined with LiDAR data will provide up to date land classifications, show areas of dense foliage which will reduce oil mass, illustrate areas where oil will pool and even indicate soil type.

For an example of how LiDAR could be used to assist with Pipeline Mapping Projects click here.

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