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Topographic Surveys

We provide topographical surveys for a wide variety of clients anywhere in the world. Recent projecs have included road surveys, railway surveys, airport surveys, coastal monitoring, boundary surveys and ground control for airborne LiDAR projects. Our extensive experience in providing high precision, large (and small) scale projects within a wide range of environments ensures that our work is always of high quality and specifically tailored to our clients needs.

High accuracy road survey
Image above shows a sample of a topographic survey. For this job, a high accuracy road survey was required and survey data was merged with photogrammetric detail.

When required we also produce cross-sections, elevations, area and volume calculations. Interior and exterior measured building surveys are also catered for.

Our in-house software is specially designed for efficient processing and display of survey data, which can be provided in industry standard formats such as Autocad DXF and DWG as well as MX format. In addition, GIS data can be provided and presented via Arcview where data is collected that contains multiple attributes.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Terrestrial laser scanning, sometimes called High Definition Surveying provides a scan comprising of thousands of points which are collected in a matter of minutes. This point cloud can be used to create detailed elevations, plans or sections. 3Dmodels and fly throughs can also be produced. As a non-contact or 'remote' instrument, site access may only be required once and it may be possible to avoid hazardous areas.


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